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Dec 31,2021
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Dec 31,2021 at 11:43 am
Dec 31,2021 at 11:43 am

This is a place where you’ll find updates about our products, and any newsletters direct from the EarFun Official team. You’ll also find a welcome note from our team, co-founder, and CEO. 

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Feb 23,2023 at 1:3 pm
Feb 23,2023 at 1:3 pm


Is it possible to use an  Earfun Air Pro 3  as an OTC?  I bought one yesterday (I didn't receive it yet)  and I would like to test it as a hearing aid (not for me).  Do you know if using the EQ from the Earfun app independently for each earphone (ear) is possible?

Thank you!

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Mar 24,2023 at 6:4 am
Mar 24,2023 at 6:4 am

Hello, I bought Earfun uboom l and it came with firmware 0.5.0. I'm disappointed with the audio quality, I prefer firmware 0.4.3. In my opinion and much better comparison. I need and step by step to install.

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