Legacy Air Options for Air Pro 3 in App

Jul 02,2023
Jul 02,2023 at 7:4 am
Jul 02,2023 at 7:4 am

I bought the Earfun Air a while back and they sadly took some damage but were the best EarPods I ever bought. I especially found their touch controls to be super good. Especially the auto pause when I took one out. It was super responsive and intuitive. 

So I bought a new pair of Air Pro 3 pods and was kinda disappointed that these features weren't part of it. I also find it troublesome that I always get a notification sound when turning the volume up or down. Generally the Earfun Air was the superior product because of this. 

 I suggest that the features:

Auto Pause and Notificationless Volume Control be added as a option in the EarFun App. Just as an option. It makes the EarFun App more useful and provides more customization. I understand it requires some extra software development but I would definitely think it make the Pro 3 the newer and better product it was supposed to be. For me at the very least. 

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Jul 04,2023 at 11:45 pm
Jul 04,2023 at 11:45 pm

Unfortunately  Air Pro 3 does not have any ear detection sensors in the earbuds so there is no way for them to auto pause when you take one out. As for touch control sounds that may be something  EarFun can add in their app as an option in a future firmware update but no telling if they will or not. 

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