uboom l firmware update discovery

Apr 28,2024
Apr 28,2024 at 7:41 am
Apr 28,2024 at 7:41 am

I have a uboom l,the firmware is 0.5.0 , I tried to change it to 0.4.8, I tried it three times on the same device, and the steps are exactly the same, but I found that after each update, the sound will be a little different, I'm wondering if this is normal? 

(I just wanted to give you some feedback,Because not everyone will try to reinstall the firmware,It would be a shame if other people missed uboom l’s great voice because of this,That’s why I came here to leave a message)(Because the text is reposted after translation, please forgive me for the wrong wording.)


The following is the situation I encountered⬇️


First time (power light is fully on but not 100%) 


There is a small and sharp grainy sound when the human voice is breathy, which sounds a bit noisy, and there is also a function to check the firmware version that will automatically shut down after you click it. 


Second time (power 100%) 


The graininess of the breathy parts of the vocals has improved, but it is still a little bit. In addition, if there are sand bells, triangles, and cymbals in the music, the sound will be particularly obvious and short and lack elasticity (like the sound of zi zi zi) ), the drum sound also feels a bit like an plastic . Occasionally, there will be a noise and then it will shut down automatically. 


Third time (power 100%) 


The music performance is very good, the vocals are also very smooth, and the instrument performance is also very natural. In normal use, the only time when the low-latency mode appears is that there are occasional non-musical noises.

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