Very positive experience with EarFun Air Pro 3

Jan 26,2024
Jan 26,2024 at 5:8 pm
Jan 26,2024 at 5:8 pm

I usually almost never post review for product, especially when they just work as advertised, but I'm making an exception and pushing myself to share this story of my experience with my recently-purchased Earfun Air Pro 3!

About 5 months ago, I picked up a couple of the Air Pro 3 and I've been enjoying them tremendously.  I think the sound quality is amazing, and I love the ANC.   When I wear them to walk or excercise, I  actually like to turn ON the Ambient Sounds setting so I can keep aware of what is happening around me since I am sharing paths and roads  with dog walkers and other people.

My reason for posting this review though is what just happened a week ago. We receive a lot of snow and I was shoveling my driveway while wearing them.  Somehow one of the earbuds worked itself loose (from my hat touching it) and it felt out of my ear just as I was throwing away a shovel-full of snow.  It had landed on the shovel and got tossed on a pile of snow.  I looked and looked but I could not locate it because it had sunk down into the snow.  There was no good way to retrieve it so I relunctantly abandoned it.  The weather was cold so the snow remained for a while.  When it started melting again, I went to the area I assume I lost it and would scan to see if I could see it.  No luck finding it and the snow kept melting and I checked every day.  I was sure it was destroyed because it was most likely laying in a puddle of melted snow.  Finally when all the snow melted, I found it!! I dried it carefully and tried it and... IT WORKED!!  Needless to say I was very impressed by the water resistance of this little unit. 

With the great sound quality and this kind of durability, I am a big fan of this product now.  I hope you get the same enjoyment and great experience with yours.


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