A little feeling about earfun free pro 2

Jan 12,2022
Jan 12,2022 at 3:49 am
Jan 12,2022 at 3:49 am

After about 1 month of using earfun free pro 2, I have the following feelings:

In terms of design, I find it very light.  Compact, lightweight and feels good to wear.

I'm a person who cares about sound quality, so the first feeling when I put my ear in, I immediately recognize the characteristic sound quality of the earfun. Characteristic V-shape sound quality with a lot of emphasis on the bass range. However, Bass does not completely encroach on the mid, making this band appear brighter than before.  This midrange seems to be suitable for young songs, with the singer's voice having been adjusted to auto-tune a bit.  Although bright, but when it comes to high-mid, Free Pro 2 also has a moderation to never have sibilance. In terms of crosstalk, it works well but still collects a lot of wind noise when traveling by motorbike. hopefully in the future earfun will focus more on sound quality.  uniform in all 3 bands.  Soundstage depth, improved imaging is better than adding functions.  When many people are asked what is the most important thing about a pair of headphones, the general answer is sound quality, followed by the feeling of wearing. In short, earfun free 2 is suitable for vibrant music used for sports or gym.  Not suitable for listening to soft lyrical music.  Above is my personal opinion after about 1 month of using it.  Thank you everyone for reading!


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Jan 20,2022 at 5:2 am
Jan 20,2022 at 5:2 am

Nice review. Very informative. I'm also someone who very much cares about sound quality. It was interesting hearing your thoughts.

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