Air Pro 3 - Mute/Mic cut off suggestion

Feb 07,2023
Feb 07,2023 at 3:3 pm
Feb 07,2023 at 3:3 pm

I'm surprised that at this point, ear bud manufacturers haven't yet incorporated a way to mute/cut off the Mic with the touch controls. 

Often people use these because they don't want to bring out their phones.  Often mine is out of reach.  There should be a way to cut off the Mic when you (for example) tap and hold the touch controls on them for 4+ seconds.  

This would help differentiate the EarFun family from the competition. 

It should only cut off the main Mic so you can still use ambient sound and have a conversation with someone other than the person you're speaking with on the phone.

This is a PRO feature that especially business people would appreciate  very much.  I mean these things have Pro in the name.

Otherwise these are excellent ear buds.  Thank you!

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Jun 18,2023 at 1:26 am
Jun 18,2023 at 1:26 am

I agree, I was expecting this feature. Now I am thinking of returning these fantastic buds as I need this feature for office calls. 

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Aug 24,2023 at 8:6 am
Aug 24,2023 at 8:6 am


I'm also surprised that this is not supported especially today where we have remote work.

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Feb 07,2024 at 8:40 pm
Feb 07,2024 at 8:40 pm


yes, why is this not possible with these nice earphones? Other brands do offer this possibility and it is very desirable as mentioned before in times where many people are working from home using i.e. Teams where such an option is essential.

So, Earfun, please add this feature with the next software update!!!



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