Air Pro 3 - Mute/Mic cut off suggestion

Feb 07,2023
Feb 07,2023 at 3:3 pm
Feb 07,2023 at 3:3 pm

I'm surprised that at this point, ear bud manufacturers haven't yet incorporated a way to mute/cut off the Mic with the touch controls. 

Often people use these because they don't want to bring out their phones.  Often mine is out of reach.  There should be a way to cut off the Mic when you (for example) tap and hold the touch controls on them for 4+ seconds.  

This would help differentiate the EarFun family from the competition. 

It should only cut off the main Mic so you can still use ambient sound and have a conversation with someone other than the person you're speaking with on the phone.

This is a PRO feature that especially business people would appreciate  very much.  I mean these things have Pro in the name.

Otherwise these are excellent ear buds.  Thank you!

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