Air Pro 3 - REUPLOADING previous concerns which have not been answered

Feb 16,2024
Feb 16,2024 at 10:31 pm
Feb 16,2024 at 10:31 pm

I am REUPLOADING my concerns as I have not been reached out to on email or on this platform. It has become very frustrating trying to contact support.

I purchased the earfun Air Pro 3 on Sunday, 29 Oct, 2023. The earbuds worked fine but as of recent the left earbud has been problematic. There are a few observations I have made. 

1 . I reset the earbuds and wait for the purple light to flash. Then, I remove the earbuds from the case, and put them in my ears. I scan for pairable devices on my phone and Earbud air pro 3 shows up but upon clicking they don't pair (and I have tried with other phones as well). Then, if I tap on either of my earbuds, they say "Power on" and then enter pairing even though they were flashing blue before I put them in my ears.  I can get them to pair as separate devices at this point.

Both earbuds are charged although  the left earbud seems to be draining a lot quicker as I removed it from the case well after the right (which is still at 100%)

2. Even if the left earbud is connected as a separate device, it will randomly shut off without any sort of low battery or power off message and if I manage to turn it on again and connect it, it's battery will be pretty high (usually 80 - 100%)

3. The left earbud often doesn't even turn off despite the case being charged and even removing it from the case and tapping the side doesn't get it to work.


I used the Earfun air before this and it worked perfectly. However, the Air Pro 3 has started malfunctioning within 4 months. I keep my earbuds clean and clean them regularly. I have also followed the common solution offered by earfun on the forums with the "charge for 2 hours" step to no avail.  I even sent an email which hasn't been responded to for 3 days.


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