Left earbud not working

Apr 08,2024
Apr 08,2024 at 1:24 am
Apr 08,2024 at 1:24 am

I have had the Ear Fun Air Pro for a long time now, never had any major issues, until today, my left earbud seems to not work. I tried cleaning the contacts. I tried Unpairing and repairing, I tried factory reseting them, but it tells me I need both earbuds connected  which I can't do. In the case the left one will turn red, then continue blinking blue rapidly, whilst the right one blinks half as fast. When I hold to touch pad on the left all it does is say "power off" or "power on".  When pairing after unpairing the right earbud stops blinking entirely while the left one continues blinking rapidly. Occasionally the left will have a blinking delay, to which they both blink at the same time, leading me to believe they are still connected to the case or eachother.

Edit: I fixed the left earbud, I read the owner manual, if you are having this issue, or a similar one, put both earbuds in the case, and hold the small button thats in between the 2 earbuds until it flashes purple (aprox 8 secs) don't take them out and then unpair and repair and they should work 

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