My Review of Earfun Air Pro SV

Apr 06,2022
Apr 06,2022 at 12:46 pm
Apr 06,2022 at 12:46 pm

Today I have received my Air Pro SV.


All of the opinions are my own. Doing this out of gratitude because Earfun sent them to me as part of my prize for winning the contest.


I will address the issues that I have first.

Don't bother if you have small/irregular ears. Left ear fits snug for me but right keeps falling out because it is smaller.  Rather get Free Pro (2) because they fit snug and stay in place better overall.

I cannot adjust the earbuds in place without them stopping the music, activating the voice assistant or changing the ANC modes because of touch controls. I feel like this is a common problem for buds with the stem design.

I'm not used to the shallow fit and feel like they will fall out at any time.

They are too bassy and overpower everything else for me. Luckily you can slightly adjust that in the app. I listen to electronic music all the time but even that was too much for me.

The soundstage is pretty narrow.


Now for the good parts.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for wireless earbuds. They do not match the detail that IEM's can provide but for casual listening  it's quite good.

Vocals sound clear.

ANC seems to work well.

Treble is ok, not very detailed but good for people that are sensitive to it.

Warm, V shaped sound signature.

They are quite comfortable. The shallow fit allows me to eat while listening to music and not cause me to hear any noise coming from my jaw as opposed to deep insertion earbuds.


For EQ:

I hear some peaks at 4.8k,

8.2k (possibly ear resonance)

and 13.7k

Adjusting them improves the sound significantly.


Happy listening!

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