New earfun uboom won’t stereo pair with old uboom

Apr 13,2024
Apr 13,2024 at 7:30 am
Apr 13,2024 at 7:30 am

I just received a new uboom which I wanted to stereo pair with my old one. Both are SP200.  I followed the instructions: 

1. turn on one union and connect to my phone

2. turn on new union and hold the Bluetooth button for 5 secs and wait for flashing to stop and both to connect. 

But this doesn't happen. One union stays connected to my phone and the other just keeps flashing. 

Can you help me please?


Niall :-)

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EarFun CS Team

Staff Member

Apr 14,2024 at 11:1 am
Apr 14,2024 at 11:1 am

Hi Friend,


Thanks for choosing EarFun. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


1. Since UBOOM from different batches cannot be paired, we need to confirm the order number of the two speakers.


2. Please kindly send us the serial number on the back of the package like EXXXXXXXXX.


Looking forward to your reply.

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