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Feb 15,2024
Feb 15,2024 at 8:47 am
Feb 15,2024 at 8:47 am


I own a pair of relatively new EarFun Free 1S earbuds, and only recently have I run into a few peculiar problems regarding the charging case.

First, upon opening and closing the case, the LED indicators should light up brightly for a short while and indicate the case's current battery level. However, when I opened or closed my case, I noticed that all the lights but one were dim. (See image.) Additionally, they also blinked rapidly upon the opening or closing of the case. If it's of any relevance, however, when I opened my case, there was a brief timeframe in which all four LEDs lit up normally.

Second, my earbuds remained in pairing mode even after being placed into the charging case.  However, the blinking blue LED indicators on the earbuds did eventually turn off after a while, but that brings me to my third problem.

Third, after the LED indicators stop blinking, they do not come back on when I take the earbuds out of the case, i.e. the earbuds do not enter pairing mode. I found that I could somehow force them to enter pairing mode by pressing them down forcefully on the charging ports, but surely that was not the intention of the product design.

What I have tried:
As per the common suggestion I've found on this site, I've used toothpicks to gently scrape the metallic charging contacts on the earbuds, as well as alchohol wipes (I don't have alchohol cotton buds) to gently wipe  the charging contacts and grooves on both the earbuds and charging case (twice). The issues persisted.

With the charging case plugged into a power source (my laptop) and both earbuds placed into the charging case, I've held down factory reset button for at least 8 s as per the user manual, but unless I did something wrong, there was no purple flash whatsoever.


Any helpful assistance pertaining to the three aforementioned issues would be greatly appreciated.

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EarFun CS Team

Staff Member

Feb 22,2024 at 9:46 am
Feb 22,2024 at 9:46 am

Hi Friend,


Thanks for choosing EarFun. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


Please kindly send us your order number and email our customer service team via or submit the warranty ticket on our official website:




EarFun Customer Service Team

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Mar 15,2024 at 4:19 am
Mar 15,2024 at 4:19 am

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing the same problem as described in this thread. My EarFun Free 1S charging case also has a continuously flashing white LED even after being plugged in for over an hour, and the earbuds remain in pairing mode. Additionally, I just submitted the warranty form for this issue.

Could you please advise on any troubleshooting steps or the typical processing time for similar cases? and what happened to this? did it get resolved?

Edit: I just got a warranty replacement

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