Left earbud not charging

Oct 15,2023
Oct 15,2023 at 1:3 pm
Oct 15,2023 at 1:3 pm


Left earbud has stopped charging. When right pod is placed in charger it briefly flashes red, then flashes blue. It also flashes blue when opened.

Left bud does nothing, have managed to partially charge it for maybe a couple of hours but it does not switch on when the charger is opened, does not  flash red when placed in the charger, nothing.

I've tried cleaning the contacts but this is making no difference.

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Oct 22,2023 at 12:33 pm
Oct 22,2023 at 12:33 pm

Same here, Earfun Air Pro 3, left bud. Red light often doesn't go on, pod remains connected, even though the case is closed.

I've reset the devices, upgraded to the latest firmware. Seems to be a physical problem, of not making proper contact. Not certain if it's the pod or the charging case.

Would love a solution for this.

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