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Feb 08,2022
Feb 08,2022 at 6:51 pm
Feb 08,2022 at 6:51 pm

I use my EarFun Free earbuds daily for work on  Linux(Ubuntu 20.04) and the sound is great but I can't get the microphone to work, others just hear static.  Any ideas how I can get the microphone to work on Linux?


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EarFun CS Team

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Feb 24,2022 at 1:38 am
Feb 24,2022 at 1:38 am

Hi friend,


Thanks for choosing EarFun. Sorry for the late reply.


May we know whether the microphone could work normally  when connect to your phone? If it could work normally,  it means that  there is no quality issue of the earbuds. We have consulted with our engineer and he said that it may be caused by the setting  of your system.


We kindly suggest you follow the below steps to have a try.


1. 1. Upgrade the system of your computer, restar the computer and then reset and reconnect the earbuds per the updated steps:


Step 1: Unpair EarFun Free from your Bluetooth-enabled device and delete the old connection on your device.

Step 2: Pick up the earbuds from the case and press the buttons for 2s at least to power off until they flash in red.

Step 3: Press and hold the button on each earbud simultaneously for at least 8s until they flash in purple (Do press until they flash in purple. If not, they aren’t reset successfully.)

Step 4: Place them back into the case and remove them again to start reconnecting.


Below is the video link showing the complete steps of resetting and reconnecting for your ref.


2. When the earbuds connected with your laptop, then you may go to the audio setting of your laptop to choose the earbuds as audio input device and output device.


3. If you use some APPs, you should also enable the Microphone permission of your APPs.


Hope the above suggestions work.




EarFun Customer Service Team


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