Free Pro 2 left earbud problems

Sep 10,2022
Sep 10,2022 at 3:37 pm
Sep 10,2022 at 3:37 pm

So I purchased Free Pro 2 around last Christmas, 2nd hand cause they werent available in Poland at that time. There were bought on, but unfortunately the receipt is missing (probably discarded during clean up). Been using them since, had No issues.
Quality is amazing, the sound and the product itself and I was beyond happy. 
Yesterday my left earbud became really silent, so I thought alright, time for cleaning. Gave it a good clean with the provided tip and a bit of rubbing alcohol on the outside, got all the small holes clean and all around as Well. 
Unfortunately that did not help, left one is still really silent, and I noticed that when in Noise cancelling mode, when I tap it around, it starts buzzing, like a really bassy buzz, and it stops after a second. Sound quality seems the same (as if it wasnt a speaker-related issue), it just became really quiet compared to the right one.

Is there anything I could try before I reach out to send them for warranty inspection? Should I even bother with warranty if I don't have the receipt? Any firmware update I should have done? 

Greetings, Simon

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